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in loving memory of Pauline Oliveros

with gratitude

 If I can imagine my sound is infinite, my presence is my dream.

The Observance of Meng Xiang (Dream City)  was held on July 13th, 2014 
in the lower lobby of the Experimental Media And Performing Arts Center, Troy NY 
presented by First Festival at the 2nd Annual International Conference on Deep Listening.

Participants are invited to contribute by just being present and/or by imaginary actions and/or real time actions such as instrumental, vocal, physical movement. Contributions are held and honored in the Dream City. Night dreams and day dreams are invited into The Observance.

Meng Xiang (Dream City) is an activated hyper sigil initiated by WR Fong. Fong's explorations involve tangible music and intangible sound projects where the harp is a pivotal presence. Her practice of Deep Listening is a strong current in her recent work. She presently lives in rural Central Pennsylvania where she continues her work as composer/performer Somna M Bulist.

**flashback 2001** The Archangelic Invocations featuring vocalist, Lillian DeNile nee_Haley Alexandra Saba :: Somna M Bulist, harp, bows, and guitar effect pedals.
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